Khloé Kardashian just proved denim-on-denim (on denim!) is what we should all be wearing

There’s one thing that never goes out of style, and that’s good old-fashioned DENIM. And we just spotted Khloé Kardashian wearing denim on denim…on denim? Which is super fitting because last month she introduced denim skirts to her Good American line — and we’ve been celebrating and experimenting with denim for weeks now. So needless to say, we’re totally crushing on the Canadian tuxedo look she shared via Instagram.

Her jeans are from Good American (of course), and the denim shirt is from Monica Rose. The baby blue color looks so freaking great with her blonde hair, and we’re feeling totally inspired to pull some of those denim shirts out of our closet and revive them with our favorite pair of jeans.

As you can see in this pic, she’s keeping within the color scheme by wearing baby blue heels…which also look like they could be made of denim, too?!

WAIT! There’s more (don’t forget to click through  — there are multiple pics).

We’re so thrilled to see Khloé having such a good year. Aside from the fact that her denim line is crushing it, she’s recently opened up about being the  “happiest” she’s been in years.

Not to mention, things are going well with her beau Tristan Thompson and they look blissfully happy together. Not that we’re jealous or anything…

Thanks for finding time to inspire us with your outfits, Khloé! We’re definitely going to channel our love of denim and step out in a matchy matchy ensemble in the very near future.

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