Khloé Kardashian Deletes Photoshopped Image After Fans Call Her Out

An obvious retouching mistake has fans criticizing the reality TV star's photo choices.

Khloé Kardashian is getting blasted by folks on social media for posting an image that had an obvious Photoshop error. While it’s not uncommon for celebrities to post retouched pics on their Instagram accounts, when part of an image really looks “off,” it gives perfectionists (and trolls) an opportunity to voice their opinions.

The Kardashians star posted a set of images on March 12, which came from a new photoshoot set featuring a crinkled metallic background. Some eagle-eyed followers spotted a few “photoshop fails,” however, causing the reality star to remove the original post, and re-upload it with newly polished pics.

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“Khloe Kardashian needs to chill with the photoshop,” tweeted @rebeccamariaxo. “Every different post she looks different and this one might be the worst yet because her leg looks disproportionate.”

The mistakes in question related to what looked like an awkward warping issue connected to Kardashian’s upper right thigh.

Warping functions in Photoshop and similar mobile apps allow retouchers to shift areas in a photo while keeping the new changes in proportion with the overall image. It’s a common tactic to refine body parts, especially to give the illusion that an area is slimmer than what it is in reality.

Without advanced skills however, it’s easy to make someone’s body look disproportionate. Photoshop pros can spot an overly-warped area, like the one circled in the screenshots of the original images below.

The reality TV star re-uploaded new images to her account on March 13, but even these couldn’t escape critics in the comments. Another area brought into question was the back of Kardashian’s waist, which looked a little lumpy for some, and seemed to make her butt look larger than it actually is.

“Just delete the third, we will forget about it,” wrote Instagram user @zacharysapozhnikov in the comments, referencing the third image in the carousel.

Kardashian has come under fire for Photoshop fails in the past. When her arms looked too long in an ad for her company, Good American, she tried to pass it off as though the camera lens was purposely used for a “stretching effect.”

So far, the youngest of the Kardashian trio hasn’t responded to the latest Photoshop allegations. She has since moved on to posting a sweet birthday tribute to her ex, Tristan Thompson, who is the father of their two children.

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