Khloé showed off her baby bump in the sparkliest of dresses at the annual Kardashian Christmas party

Merry Christmas Kardashian fans! Khloé Kardashian graced us with several Christmas baby bump pics at the annual Kardashian Christmas Eve party. She wore a long, silver dress and a fur coat, because, like, what’s the point of the holidays if you can’t be metallic and covered in fur?

Kim shared the Snapchat video of herself with Khloé, where she panned down to show Khloé’s baby bump (while saying, “I know what you guys really want to see”). We’re excited to see any pictures of the Kardashians being super fabulous together, tbh, but Kim isn’t wrong — now that we officially know that Khloé Kardashian is expecting, we’re obsessed with all things baby-bump related.

Honestly, if you’re a fan of the Kardashians’ snapchats, Christmas Eve must’ve been like… well, Christmas, because they were on a whole other level.

Khloé seriously looks AMAZING.

It looks like Christmas Eve for the Kardashians was super fun and filled with love and family. Definitely a good way for Khloé’s baby-to-be to spend his or her first holiday season. And we have a feeling you might also be wondering whether Kylie made an appearance, since her rumored pregnancy has yet to be confirmed.

According to TMZ, she did pop for a while, but there’s not official photo evidence if it at this time. So sadly, no official confirmation on that front just yet. It’s okay though — we got this glorious dose of Kendall dancing, and it more than makes up for it.

Merry Kristmas, Kardashian fans of the world!