Khloé Kardashian buys her hoop earrings at Claire’s because she loses them often, and SAME

Is there anything more painful than splurging on fantastic new jewelry only to promptly lose it, and have it never be seen (or worn) again? The agony is real and Khloé Kardashian knows how it feels, which is why she buys her hoop earrings at Claire’s like the rest of us.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, most of our jewelry doesn’t have a long lifespan. Losing earrings, no matter how big or small, happens. Sure, it’s nice to splurge on “investment jewelry,” but how many times have we done that only to pull off a thick sweater and have our tiny, beautiful studs go flying and disappear into the ether?

Khloé explained on Twitter that there is no activity she can’t do while wearing her large hoop earrings, whether it’s swimming or working out, because they’re so inexpensive it’s okay to lose them. And we can all definitely relate to that.

Just because we don’t want to spend tons of money doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all have jewelry that’s fly as hell. In fact, we’re feeling inspired to hit up our nearest Claire’s on our lunch break.

Khloé Kardashian spilled the beans on Twitter after a fan inquired where she got her fabulous hoops.

This is just another example among many of how Khloé has always been the most relatable Kardashian.

We won’t deny that there are problematic aspects to Khloé wearing hoops, with some noting that her chosen style has whiffs of cultural appropriation. Coincidentally, this recent article in the New York Times gives us insight into the cultural significance of hoop earrings for women of color.

Are you inspired to head over to Claire’s and pick some up for yourself?

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