Khloe Kardashian made a vintage-inspired butt exercise vid so you too can get a Kardashian-style bootay!

Ever wonder how Khloé Kardashian maintains her perfect butt? She works out a TON. Lucky for us, the reality mogul recently teamed up with Vogue on an 80’s-inspired butt-sculpting exercise video.

Of course, Khloe also has a nutritionist, a personal trainer and the freedom to follow a rigorous workout schedule. Whereas, a lot of us non-famous people have day jobs, school, kids, etcetera-daily-obligations to keep us from rocking the fitness regimen of our dreams. However, regardless of her privilege, Khloe is all about sharing her knowledge, and we LOVE that. From her “Khlo-Fit” exercise clips that she publishes on her app to her sexy gym selfies, and fitness inspiration Instagram posts, she gives us plenty of easy-to-follow tips.

In that vein, and in coordination with the launch of her denim collection, Good American, Khloe Kardashian shows us six toning moves to look better in jeans.

Khloe’s moves are all totally do-able, and if given a mere 20-minutes a day, could make a major difference in the shape of our ?’s.

Wethinks she/Vogue were inspired by, not only the queen of 80’s fitness, Jane Fonda

…and the numerous ‘80s workout spoof vids on Youtube

…one of which was produced by a certain HelloGiggles writer (we’re not naming names).

But, Khloe finishes her vid with a very important reminder: “you’ll never regret doing your workout; you only regret NOT doing your workout.”


We’re digging out our leg warmers now…

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