In the Words of Khloé Kardashian, “Blonde KoKo Is Back”

And she looks GOOD.

Blonde Khloé Kardashian is back in action, y’all! The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and Good American founder took to Instagram on September 16th to show off her newest hairstyle, and she’s back to blonde! Her hair is full of highlights to add dimension to the blonde, and falls past her shoulders, giving her a bit of a different look than she’s had in a while.

But if you’re asking yourself, “Self, when was Khloé *not* blonde?” Then we’re here to clue you in. Yes, Kardashian is blonde most of the time, but she’s actually been rocking a darker hue for months now. While it’s hard to keep track of what any of the Kardashian-Jenners are doing with their hair—they change it SO often—we can confirm that it’s been a hot second since this Kardashian was blonde.

All of Kardashian’s friends and fans left loving comments on her Instagram, telling her how great the shade—and she—looks. Hair pro Justine Marjan left back-to-back comments, writing, “she’s back!!!!!” followed by, “we missed her.”

With the two different photos of the new hair, we’re able to get a really good look at the different shades of blonde, as well as the length. And let us just say…it’s all very, very good.

But in case you needed that reminder that this is actually quite the change for Kardashian, here she is with a long brown ponytail just a couple months ago. She’d been rocking this longer look on and off for a bit.

But in the interim, she also showed off her natural curls, which were much shorter!

Judging by how short Kardashian’s hair is in that post from a month ago, it’s safe to assume her new blonde hair is all hers. Though she may have some extensions in for body, the length is most likely pretty accurate. In any case, the new blonde color looks so pretty. Blonde KoKo is back!

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