Here are some of the best Khloe Kardashian baby name guesses from fans who can’t wait for the arrival of her baby girl

Fans are getting really creative with their Khloe Kardashian baby name guesses as the entrepreneur and reality star’s pregnancy nears its final weeks. When Khloe first revealed she was pregnant, she initially told Ellen DeGeneres that she liked the name Tristan Jr. for a boy. So, if she had a son on the way, he’d probably be named after dad Tristan Thompson. But as all Khloe fans know by now, she’s having a baby girl. (Cue the awwwws!) And as of right now, there hasn’t been a Khloe Kardashian baby name reveal — and Twitter users, of course, have plenty of ideas to add to the mix.

In a family of creative and uncommon names, there’s a lot of precedent for Khloe to come up with something entirely out of the ordinary. Big sis Kourtney Kardashian may have gone traditional with son Mason and daughter Penelope, but she switched it up with Reign, her third child. Kim Kardashian, of course, took the nontraditional route with North, Saint, and baby Chicago West. Then there’s Kylie Jenner’s little Stormi and Rob Kardashian’s daughter Dream. For now, that about does it for the Kardashian-Jenner grandkids.

So, what name will Khloe be adding to her branch of that growing family tree? Fans have been eager to share their suggestions, since she’s openly tweeted about there not being a clear frontrunner. Of course, some have pointed out that she can still name her daughter Tristan Jr., which would be pretty cute. But there are even more creative name picks awaiting Khloe in her Twitter mentions.

These Khloe Kardashian baby name guesses are just a few of what’s been floating around.

Thunder, anyone? It’s striking, but it would be a bit difficult to come up with a good nickname.

Alright, True is actually really cool and adorable at the same time. false

Trista is a feminine spin on her dad’s name.

Some fans are giving her several options.

More multiple name suggestions!

Kingston would certainly continue the K tradition, but Gwen Stefani claimed dibs on that name years ago.

This is a sweet idea, actually.

Sky is cute! Although, it might be too close to cousin Stormi.

Ezra would be totally out of left field, but it would definitely stand out. false

Multiple people have suggested Trinity. Maybe it’ll stick!

Seriously, though, how amazing would it be if one of these Khloe Kardashian baby name suggestions was taken to heart? That might be a true Kardashian first!

Whatever name Khloe and Tristan end up choosing, we just hope their daughter is born happy and healthy.

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