Kehlani and Lil Wayne jumped on a remix of this tech-savvy love song

We’re definitely fans of Texas R&B singer Khalid, and his song “Location.” The song has a very specific premise, a testament to modern communication methods. “Location,” in this case, is like “send me your location”: dropping a pin. It’s a catchy, sly ode to coming through. Clearly, it’s catching on: The song is currently #38 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Now it has its own star-studded remix, with Kehlani and Lil Wayne taking on technology and love.

The two guest verses mostly follow the same lyrical path. Lil Wayne opens the track with the very literal line: “I meet you at the spot, send the location.” Meanwhile, Kehlani drops some cuteness into her line. “Drop me a pin, let’s fall / Way deeper into whatever we’re callin’ it” — modernity in a couplet.

I don’t know when we could hear the remix live any time soon, but here’s Khalid performing the original on The Tonight Show:

“Location” is an obvious choice for a Khalid remix. It’s his lead single off of debut album American Teen, and it has a clever, memorable crux. (A similar song in that manner is Julia Michaels’s “Issues.”) In terms of other collaborations, I’d love to see this one happen:

Could you imagine a Lorde and Khalid collaboration on “American Teen”? Until we get something like that, we’ll just listen to the original on loop: