KFC’s chicken fried pizza is making a comeback because rules are for suckers

Just so you know, scientific research has confirmed pizza as the reigning champ of foods. I mean, sure, by “scientific research” we are referring to the enthusiastic manner in which our taste buds respond to pizza (which totally counts as science, duh). However, we heardthat KFC’s chicken fried pizza is making a comeback, which means that *gasps* there are actual humans who think pizza could use some help in the tasting damn good department.

BUT WAIT: KFC’s Chizza is actually fried chicken with pizza toppings. Phew! We thought this was a covert, anti-pizza operation, but nope. The fried chicken and pizza combo sounds like another way of getting everyone to appreciate pizza in Japan, where it will be offered beginning Nov. 1. false


OK, so before you gripe about the missing pizza dough (which is an egregious error – we get it), let’s try to find some reasoning among the madness, shall we? KFC made edible nail polish, so they’re probably thinking, Why wouldn’t we combine fried chicken and pizza?

If you consider it, this menu item is a huge time-saver for people who can’t decide between pizza and fried chicken. Also, it allows you to bypass the shame-filled pit in your stomach you experience when eating from two different fast food joints in one day.


So, for now, we’ll let the Chizza live in peace since it’s clearly not a threat to our beloved pizza.