KFC is sending fried chicken sandwiches to space, because hey, why not?

With all of the trouble in the world and crazy political environment in the U.S., it’s hard to remember that there’s still good in this universe — like fried chicken. To spread that love, KFC plans to send fried chicken sandwiches to space, because that’s the sort of thing corporations do. Why, you ask? To launch (pun intended) their Zinger sandwich, which was advertised two months ago with Rob Lowe playing Colonel Sanders in a spacesuit, promising to send the chicken sandwich to the edges of Earth’s atmosphere. And Col. Sanders keeps his word.

They’ll launch the sandwiches into space using a high altitude balloon. KFC is partnering with balloon maker World View to shoot the sandwiches into space on June 21st. Apparently, the sandwich will come back bearing telemetry data, which just means it will be tracking data points like temperatures. If you’re walking around and get hit in the head with a flying sandwich, you’ll know something went wrong with the “space mission.”

Just why they’re sending KFC chicken into space is still a mystery.

…since they could send actual satellites or things to the edge of the atmosphere to collect this data.


This is just another in a long round of high-tech KFC promotions. Earlier this year, the fast food chain said that they plan on bringing AI and robots to their locations to serve customers. Greg Creed, CEO of Yum brands, the parent company of KFC, said that robots won’t be doing everything.

He told CNBC, “We don’t make a lot of things until customers order. I’m not sure we’re going to have robots replace people.” But they might have fancy, automated facial recognition technology to order your 12-piece bucket and mashed potatoes. Yum Yum also owns Pizza Hut, which also plays around with gadgets, like these custom shoes to order delivery.

Pizza delivery sneakers, sandwiches in space — what other wonders does the future hold?