KFC released fried chicken bath bombs, and oh my coleslaw

Stop everything you’re doing: KFC has released a fried chicken bath bomb, and it will make you smell like their finger lickin’ good signature herbs and spices.

And yes, you read that correctly: a fried chicken bath bomb.

Unfortunately, the limited-edition product will only be available in Japan. Chicken and beauty enthusiasts in Japan can enter to win the product by simply retweeting KFC Japan’s tweet below. Only 100 are available.

The unconventional beauty product joins the ranks of coveted, mostly sold-out KFC merchandise, such as finger lickin’ good edible nail polish, extra crispy sunscreen, and whimsical apparel from their merchandise line, KFC Limited.


The chicken chain also released a romance novel featuring Colonel Sanders in celebration of Mother’s Day in May, and oh, what we would give to be able to settle into a tub with our fried chicken bath bomb and “Tender Wings of Desire.”

Steve Harrington would so approve of this product.

Fingers crossed that the product will expand to the U.S. soon.

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