Totally coveting this KFC bucket that doubles as a printer— yes, a printer

Quick, think of two things that don’t really make sense together. Spiderwebs and creamed corn! Origami stars and gardening hoses! KFC and photo printing! Well, prepare to have your world torn apart; that last one is no longer a thing of fiction, thanks to a Canadian ad agency. Meet your new favorite novelty image-making equipment: The KFC printer.

To celebrate KFC’s 60th year in Canada, KFC Canada wanted to create something special to commemorate the achievement. Since most people get KFC’s iconic chicken buckets for sharing with family and friends (not, as personal experience would suggest, for eating alone in a dark dorm room because then you have enough food to hole up for an entire day studying), what better way to tap into that feeling of community than to, er, create a KFC bucket that also doubles as a smart selfie printer?

On its own, the KFC printer is an interesting piece of technology. It connects to a smartphone with the help of an app, and once you’ve taken selfies and snapshots galore, you can then print them out like Polaroids out of the KFC bucket. (Just don’t ruin the photos by touching them with greasy fingers.) And just like that, your chicken bucket has now become a repository for memories — which is why KFC is calling it the “Memories Bucket.”

In a statement to Adweek, the people behind the ad have this to say: “Many fans have told us that throughout the years, so many of their family memories have been celebrated around a KFC bucket. But when we looked at our newest generation of fans and thought about how their memories are shared today, we realized that so many are stored on phones and online, and very few are tangible. We started thinking of ways to offer them the same sort of physical memories their parents might have had, but in a way more relevant to them.” While the concept is still pretty wacky, if nothing else, KFC’s raised the fast food/technology integration bar.

Check out the “Memories Bucket” in action below. There’s no word on if/when it’ll hit markets, but if KFC America ever decides to send out a prototype to test out, our office is up to the challenge!

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