This KFC kiosk uses facial recognition to make menu suggestions and it actually sounds like a great idea

Are you more of a mashed potato bowl person or the crispy chicken combo type? Don’t bother trying to hide your preference if you visit this KFC in China that uses facial recognition technology to make menu suggestions.

Unlike McDonald’s self-serve stations that are being tested out in select US restaurants, this particular piece of equipment doesn’t have time to wait on customers to stare blankly at the menu, going back and forth between combos, or which sides they want with their main meal (FYI, go with the seasoned potato wedges — you won’t be sorry). Touch screen technology is cool and all, but why waste time with that when the kiosk can determine which menu item you want by simply looking at your face?

So, it’s actually a little more involved than that. As The Daily Dot reports, a Chinese web services company called Baidu is collaborating with KFC to make these kiosks an actual real-life thing. Using a guessing system, the kiosk will rely on the customer’s age, gender and facial expressions to make the most fitting selection. Another smart feature of the kiosk is that it ultimately allows customers to make the final menu call, but it will “make adjustments based on your selection so it can be more accurate the next time around.”

WAIT…is it us or does this sound like the Netflix of fast food?

For now, the kiosks are only in Beijing, but we’re hoping they catch on and eventually make their way stateside.  Everyone knows that eliminating stressors is the key to a long, healthy life, so if that means letting a machine pick one of our meals, we’re totally down.