KFC finally responded to this guy who tweeted at them for a year

Persistence is key — especially when it comes to chicken. A KFC fan in Singapore named Farhan decided to make his opinion heard when it came to his favorite retired menu item. To vocalize his displeasure, he tweeted at KFC for a year about their Hot Devil Drumlets, which were discontinued back in 2014.

Farhan sent a response to many tweets sent out by the KFC social media team. Even though the initial tweet never had anything to do with drumlets.

What can you say? Farhan was so passionate about the spicy chicken drumsticks that he figured to seize the moment. Here are a few of his best tweets.

So it makes sense that Farhan was the first person KFC contacted when they decided to bring the item back.

The company sent him a direct message, with a photo of the new packaging for the drumlets.

"It's coming back hotter than ever and we thought you should be the first person in Singapore to taste it again!" the account said. "We know that you're 'hangry' so we'd love to send you some drumlets next week before it relaunches islandwide.

Obviously, this is big news for a fan. In an interview with Mashable, Farhan admitted that he initially thought the messages were sent from his friends, in what would have been the meanest prank ever.

But KFC confirmed that it was them — all while acknowledging Farhan’s tweets.

"As an appreciation for his fervent support, we wanted to let him have the first taste of the Hot Devil Drumlets comeback," a KFC spokesman said to Mashable.

Farhan is expecting his free box of drumlets to arrive on Wednesday. We hope they taste just as good as he remembers.