KFC made an edible coffee cup that tastes like summer. Just process that.

Ever grab a fresh cup of a coffee, enjoy it down to the very last drop and think, “Man, I wish I could eat this to-go style cup?” Well, thanks to KFC and Seattle’s Best Coffee, now you can!

The fried chicken company has partnered with SBC to bring us edible coffee cups or “Scoff-ee” — which, if that’s a pun, I don’t exactly get it.

The cookie cups are wrapped in sugar paper and lined with heat-resistant white chocolate. According to a Yahoo article, “As the chocolate slowly melts, the biscuit will soften but crucially not break apart until you bite it off.”

And, if fried chicken and a cookie that looks like Styrofoam isn’t appetizing enough, apparently, it also smells weird! Yep, the cups were created by food scientists from the Robin Collective, who infused each cookie cup with different aromas, like coconut sun cream, freshly cut grass and wild flowers.

Apparently, they were going for the smells of summer? You know, nothing says summer like eating fresh cut grass.

So far, the bizarre cups, will only be available in the UK starting this summer. They sadly(?) don’t have a release date in the U.S. But, if they make their way across the pond, they’re just weird enough that I would obviously have to eat one or five of them.

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