KFC is trolling us all with a fake health food blog, and it’s actually hilarious

We’ve heard of fast food chains upping their social media games recently (holla if you’re still laughing at how hard Wendy’s trolled that hater on Twitter). But we were still pretty surprised to hear that KFC created a healthy-eating blog for the sole purpose of trolling its followers. And it was actually pretty freaking hilarious.

So here’s what happened: KFC introduced a #CleanEatingBurger on social media, which is, as the name describes, an impossibly healthy burger.

It consists of “chia-seeded cauliflower bun, unsweetened almond yoghurt, ice cube relish, spiralized chicken breast, and 100% British Kale.” Also, they claimed that it’s a collaboration with the clean eating blog Figgy Poppleton Rice. Hey, it really DID seem real!

Lol…this is kind of genius, and even though we love our healthy eating blogs and actually do strive to nourish our bodies with healthful foods (well…sometimes), we can’t help but applaud the hilarity. “Ice cube relish”?! So basically just...water? Ummmm no thanks.

via giphyThe fake healthy food blog is pretty great, and includes dishes like kale, rice cake, and water soup (they love their water).

As you might expect, the reactions to all this are pretty great.


We can rest assured that KFC is still the KFC we know and love (as in they are still all about fried chicken and other fried goods).

It’s also perfectly okay to be super into healthy eating, and even to follow healthy food blogs (just remember that Figgy Poppleton Rice isn’t one of them). Now onto the important stuff: Anyone feeling like fried chicken? Mmmmmmm.

H/T: Uproxx