This is why people are angry about Kevin Spacey’s response to the sexual assault allegations from actor Anthony Rapp

After actor Anthony Rapp revealed to BuzzFeed News that he’d been sexually assaulted by Kevin Spacey at age 14, Spacey issued a statement responding to the allegations. His response, however, has made people angry. Many believe the statement not only deflects from his potential sexual misconduct, but is offensive to the LGBTQ+ community for suggesting sexual identity is a “choice” and the conflation of his sexuality with alleged misconduct against a minor.

Spacey released a statement on Twitter quickly after BuzzFeed published the report, claiming to not only “not remember” the encounter, but to also declare that he is now “choosing” to “live as a gay man.”

The actor has notoriously dodged questions about his sexuality amid decades of rumors. In 2010, he told The Daily Beast that discussing his sexuality was “a line [he’s] never crossed and never will,” which is largely why many feel as though today’s revelation is designed to take attention away from the real issue — alleged sexual misconduct. false false

Twitter users have also called Spacey out for implying that his sexuality is a “choice.”


Spacey is seemingly taking little responsibility for his actions toward the then-underage Rapp. After the article was published, Rapp noted on Twitter that he has said all that he wants to say about his experience and “has no further comment at this time.” He hopes that by sharing his experience he can “shine a light and hopefully make a difference.”

Our thoughts are with Rapp at this time, and we are in awe of the immense courage it took to share his story publicly. We continue to stand by all victims of sexual abuse.