Kevin Spacey just talked real life politics, thinks we get the president we “deserve”

Kevin Spacey may play Frank Underwood—the cunning politician who is constantly trying to play the White House into his wily hands—on Netflix’s House of Cards, but make no mistake: He is not his character. In an interview outside of the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery Tuesday, Spacey said that he will not endorse any candidate in this year’s presidential race. . . and that he certainly will not be comparing the political drama to real-life politics.

Spacey appeared in character as Underwood after having his character’s presidential portrait unveiled ahead of the season four premiere on March 4 (!!!!).

“It’s sort of silly to compare the two,” Spacey said about the series. “They’re both a little bit unpredictable in that audiences have no idea where we’re gonna go and what we’re gonna do, and I think that’s part of the enjoyment that an audience has—they don’t really know. And in the real world, I mean now it’s becoming a little bit more predictable, what’s going to happen.” And then, he said something that we’re pretty sure Underwood wouldn’t say ever: “At the same time, I happen to believe that we get what we deserve.”

It may be tempting for a House of Cards fan to picture the real White House to be like the insanely successful drama series, but Spacey warns against drawing these sorts of comparisons, not only in television series, but in the news as well:

We just imagined him tapping his ring on the podium at the end of that, TBH.