Kevin Hart maintained a great attitude when this woman mistook him for Chris Rock

If you have a recognizably famous face, it’s just a given that you’re going to be stopped on the street for pictures, autographs, and you know, all that good stuff. But hopefully you’re not mistaken for a different famous person, right? That would be embarrassing.

It does happen though, most recently to comedian Kevin Hart. He played it cool when a fan genuinely thought he was comedian Chris Rock! In fact Kevin was so polite, he took a video with the excited lady and truly made her day one to remember.

Kevin’s Instagram caption read, “These are the moments that keep me humble… #RockTheWorld. #AllYouCanDoIsLaugh.” He also shared the video on Facebook, and said “LMAO… all I could do was laugh and go along with it.” Isn’t he just the best? Way to keep a sense of humor.

We wonder what happened when the lady went home and inevitably realized her mistake. There’s a viral video of her hilarity all over the Internet, basically qualifying her as famous now. Yikes! But hey, if she was a true fan of Kevin Hart, she probably wouldn’t mistake him for Chris Rock. She would know that Chris Rock doesn’t have a show called “Rock the World.”  The two comedians don’t even look that alike, and Kevin Hart is fifteen years younger than Chris Rock. Still, we all make hiccups sometimes!

It’s safe to say she’ll do her research next time, or maybe be too afraid to approach a celeb on the street.