Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart went to a haunted house and were SO not OK

“Friends who face their fears together, stay together” is the apparent bro code between Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon. The comedians-turned-BFFs recently had the most hilarious freakout while touring a haunted house, ET Online reports. We almost hate to laugh at their misery but watching them tear through New York City’s Blood Manor seriously has us guffawing out loud. #sorrynotsorry

Before the pair enter the haunted house, Fallon admits that he is not a fan of being scared (same here, Jimmy) while Hart sends a stern warning to anyone who jumps out on him. Um, have you ever seen Hart hitting the gym? He’s pretty serious about his fitness so we’re thinking any faux ghouls and goblins that plan to challenge him should take his threat seriously, except not really because as it turns out, both guys run and cry the entire time like a total wusses.


As The Tonight Show host notes in the clip, this isn’t Hart and Fallon’s first time getting scared shitless together. Previously, they took a roller coaster ride and their simultaneous meltdowns were equally dramatic and gut-busting.


Maybe next time Fallon should invite Hart’s rap alter ego Chocolate Droppa, who would’ve much more courageous. On second thought, Fallon probably didn’t want to be the only one sleeping with a binky and a night-light after getting way too scared, so inviting Hart was definitely a good call.

We can’t wait to see what Fallon and Hart get into next!