Can we take a second to discuss how attractive Kevin Gnapoor from “Mean Girls” is now?

We interrupt your 4th of July weekend to bring you this quick PSA about Mean Girls.

If you can believe it, it’s been 12 years since the movie was released, and as you know, most of the actors look super different now.

Sure, you’ve probably seen Lindsay Lohan or Rachel McAdams lately, but what about the actor who plays Kevin Gnapoor, the flow-spitting mathlete?

News flash: We found his Instagram account, and Rajiv Surendra has turned into a certified babe.

Yup, you may remember him looking like this:


But now, he looks like this:

Those eyes, that hair…that body. Here’s one more, with a fresh coconut:

Le sigh, Kevin. We’d listen to you rap any day.

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