Why we’re super excited for ABC Family’s ‘Kevin From Work’

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Gigglers: Fall TV season is upon us. As always, there are some truly amazing new shows to look forward to — but there’s one in particular that has us extra excited this year.

Kevin From Work follows the story of a young man (Kevin, played by Noah Reid) after he pens a letter to his unrequited crush/coworker (Audrey, played by Paige Spara) during a less-than-sober evening. Believing he’ll never see her again after he’s accepted a job overseas, drunk-Kevin confesses his endless devotion to her; but in the light of day, immediately regrets it. When the overseas opportunity falls through, Kevin has to return to his old job — and a very awkward situation with Audrey.

To make the whole thing worse, the two are cubicle neighbors and sit about five feet away from one another. Uncomfortable hilarity ensues. We can all relate to having an unrequited crush, and we’re totally ready to feel all the feels about Kevin and Audrey. The show is basically The Office 3.0 — and it’s guaranteed to be super fun and ridiculously good.

Kevin From Work premieres tonight, Wednesday, August 12, with back-to-back episodes on ABC Family starting at 8/7c. Check out a trailer for the show below!