Kevin Durant & Steph Curry’s moms had the best reaction to the NBA Finals

The NBA Finals games between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors has been a crazy ride. The Warriors have been killing the Cavaliers, so to speak, and two of the teams’ biggest fans know just how to celebrate after Game 3. Kevin Durant and Steph Curry’s moms met up after the game to go over the play by play and celebrate. Wanda Durant walked up to Sonya Curry on her way out, they hugged, and had a happy dance moment. Durant’s mom was still on her post-game high saying, “They tried to stick it to them but they just wouldn’t take it. That’s what happened.” Both moms were downright giddy about the final score. They’re the best Warriors’ cheerleaders out there.

(In case you don’t keep up with this stuff, both Durant and Curry play for the Warriors, and are giving former “Best Ball Player Ever” LeBron James of the Cavs a run for his proverbial money this season.)

Curry and Durants’ moms are definitely ready for Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Wanda Durant told TMZ that watching her son play in the finals gives her the same exact emotions as when she used to watch play when he was younger — just now he’s sticking it LeBron James. It’s not exactly junior high ball anymore.

It’s been *rough* for LeBron, to say the very least. He told reporters after Game 3, “I’m drained right now.” It has to be awful to win three games in a row to the likes of Durant and Curry running circles around him. On Friday, the two teams will meet again for Game 4, so hopefully James finds some steam. Earlier in the series, James’ biggest fan Rihanna was in the crowd and reportedly heckled Durant, Curry, and anyone getting in the Cavs’ way on the court.

So even if the Cavs and James don’t pull through on Friday, at least Rihanna has their back. I’m sure she’d get along with the Warriors’ moms, too.