We just listened to Kesha’s “Woman” fifty times in a row because we can’t stop

The second that we heard Kesha’s new song “Praying,” we knew she was back in full form. A week later, Kesha gave us another song called “Woman,” and before even hearing the lyrics, we knew we loved it. The music video starts a country twang, a convertible, and credits referring to the video as “a film by Kesha Sebert & Lagan Sebert.” And we are already hooked. After years of waiting for new releases, Kesha’s fans are here for her new music — and that includes us.

“Woman” is truly a celebration of being a woman. The song is the perfect summer anthem. Celebrating womanhood, buying our own things, and making boys sit in the back?

We’re into it.

Our girl’s voice is so reassuring (we missed it so much!) and we are happy to hear her so strong and powerful. Her call out to making her own money and buying her own things is extra powerful considering everything she has been put through in recent years.

"Don't buy me a drink, I make my money. Don't touch my weave, don't call me 'honey.'"


Along with the release of the song, Kesha penned an inspirational essay for Rolling Stone. In the essay, the singer talks about how proud she is of this record.

Kesha details how she wants her wild spirit to come across strong, raw, and spontaneous.

With “Woman” in particular, Kesha felt it was important to show her strength alongside her imperfections.

"I wanted this song to capture that organic, raw, soulful sound and keep the imperfect moments in the recordings because I find the magic in the imperfections," she explained. "A huge turning point for me was my recent tour with my band, The Creepies. On that tour, we did away with many of the big pop gimmicks: no dancers, no screens, no backing vocalists, no backing tracks - it was just my band and I letting it all out onstage."

We definitely think she succeeds in that. Hearing such a song of empowerment from Kesha is extra significant. Her battles against her former record label and producer had us all outraged. Being able to listen to a song where she literally shouts about being a woman and finding her power and strength is everything.

“Woman” will be included on the release of “Rainbow” in August, Kesha’s first LP since 2012. We cannot wait — and we can’t stop listening to “Woman” in the meantime.

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