Kesha’s new band did a surprise holiday show for some lucky fans

Kesha isn’t afraid to push buttons: That much is evident in hedonistic anthems like “Tik Tok,” “Sleazy,” and “Die Young,” but after taking on her label and one of her former producers, the singer has been locked in a legal nightmare that’s left her unable to work on new music as Kesha. But instead of tabling her music career for the moment, she’s found another musical outlet with her band The Yeast Infection, dropping a surprise performance for some lucky fans in Nashville.

Though The Yeast Infection (a helluva name) is backed all by dudes, Kesha is definitely the center of the group. During the intimate gig, the band played through rock covers of her pop hits and other tunes (including songs by Led Zeppelin and The Hollywood Vampires).

It was a much more quiet affair than Kesha gigs of days of yore, but as she put it in on Instagram, “[sic] No matter what, no one will ever stop me from making noise. Never let anyone take your happiness. That’s the only way they beat you. Never let them win.” Check out a screaming rendition of “Blow” below, and watch more performance clips on her Facebook page.

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Images via Instagram and Alanna Taylor.

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