Kesha’s latest tattoo is a mystical tribute to what was clearly an awesome Halloween

When most people get a tattoo to “immortalize” something, that something must have been pretty awesome. Case in point: America’s superstar sweetheart, Kesha, posted a photo to her Instagram revealing her latest tattoo. It’s a smiling narwhal accompanied by a few magical sparkles. The singer captioned the photo, “haaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. had to immortalize last night,” with a heart emoji.

Now of course, we don’t have enough evidence to figure out exactly what happened that fateful Halloween nigh. However, what we do know is that Kesha dressed up as a narwhal, which means she basically immortalized her killer costume on her body.

Judging by this Instagram photo, Kesha and friends must have had some unforgettable Halloween adventures:

Therefore, this happy-go-lucky buddy was born:

The “Tik-Tok” singer also received a small smiley face on her middle finger. She posted the little tattoo on her Instagram around the same time as the narwhal pic, captioning the photo, “MOTHERFUCKERS CANT TOUCH MY HAPPINESSSSSS. BOOM.”

Love the tattoo. Love the sentiment. And we shouldn’t be taken aback by the fact that the superstar would get a narwhal tattooed on her arm. Kesha is loaded with quirky ink.

She has Saturn tattooed on the palm of her left hand, matched with an eye on the palm of her right.

And she has a small crescent moon on the middle finger of her left hand.

She’s even gone as far as to get a really wonky “shark” stick n’ poke. Don’t try this at home kids.

So even though Kesha fans are dying to know the full backstory behind the beautiful, happy narwhal, sometimes we have to settle on just appreciating things for the face value. Rock on Kesha. We can’t wait to see what ink you get next.

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