The Resistance Revival Chorus sang with Kesha at the Grammys and gave a hella inspirational performance

Every performance at the 2018 Grammy awards was amazing, but it’s safe to say that Kesha’s rendition of her single “Praying” was the most powerful of the night. This wasn’t just because of Kesha’s impressive vocals or inspiring yet tragic lyrics — it was also because of the women on stage with her. Standing behind and beside Kesha as she poured her heart into her singing was a group of women who really helped make the performance stand out even more.

Yes, some of the women on stage with Kesha were instantly recognizable, including Cyndi Lauper, Camila Cabello, Bebe Rexha, Andra Day, and Julia Michaels. The others were part of the Resistance Revival Chorus, a group of women who are dedicated to singing protest songs.

The Resistance Revival Chorus was formed about six months after the first Women’s March in 2017. They made their first public appearance in Times Square last July, where they performed an altered version of “Rich Man’s House” to send a direct message to President Donald Trump and wore all white. Every woman on stage wore white during Kesha’s performance as well in a nod to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement.

Kesha’s performance would have been powerful even if it was just her up there. Her album Rainbow is her best work yet (it earned her two Grammy nominations this year!), and “Praying” is such an important song. Kesha gave it her all, delivering an emotional performance that left many viewers with tears in their eyes. But having these women on stage with her made everything even more intense. It was beautiful to see all of the women singing up there together, delivering a message everyone needed to hear. And at the end, when Kesha started crying, it was incredibly moving to watch them be there for her.


This wasn’t the only time during the Grammys that we were reminded of the relevance of the #TimesUp movement. Many celebrities in attendance carried or wore a white rose in respect of the movement, something that was organized by a group of 15 industry executives called Voices in Entertainment.

These women truly helped to make an incredible performance we’ll never forget – here’s to hoping we see them again soon.

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