On “Rainbow,” Kesha manifests the power of surviving trauma

Few artists have managed to do what Kesha has done on her latest album, Rainbow: Speak through pain so clearly, so directly that hope becomes visible on the other side. The album, stunning and triumphant, is for anyone who has ever experienced pain so severe, you thought you might never recover. Rainbow is proof that recovery is not only possible, but can be spectacular.

Rainbow is Kesha’s first album since 2012, and she’s fought tooth and nail to bring it to life. Embroiled in a legal battle with former Kemosabe Records boss Dr. Luke, who she says sexually and emotionally abused her for more than a decade, Kesha has been fighting since 2014 — unsuccessfully — to get out of her contracts with the label. In fact, Rainbow, released today, was put out by Kemosabe Records (though Dr. Luke stepped down from his position as label head in April).

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