ALL the applause for Kesha’s powerful performance at the Billboard Music Awards

All week we’ve been on pins and needles wondering if Kesha would be able to perform at the Billboard Music Awards tonight. As most everyone knows, the singer has been involved a lengthy, utterly heartbreaking legal battle with her former music producer, Dr. Luke, who is accused of sexually abusing her. In spite of overwhelming public support for Kesha, she’s been dealt several blows by the court, including an order preventing Kesha from working with any other music producers and a request from Dr. Luke’s legal team to release Kesha’s personal medical records.

Kesha’s fans and supporters were thrilled when they learned Kesha would be performing a Bob Dylan tribute at the BMA’s this year. But just five days ago, she announced via Instagram that she wouldn’t be allowed to perform at tonight’s award show.

It seems Dr. Luke’s label put a stop to her performance because there was a concern she would use the platform to rally (even more) support for her side in their legal battle. This was a yet another crushing disappointment for Kesha and honestly, it broke our hearts.

Then just two days later, Kemosabe Records made a statement to BuzzFeed saying she would, in fact, be allowed to perform. The company said it had been supportive of Kesha’s BMA performance all along. Okay, that was a little confusing. But hey, if it meant Kesha could perform, then ALL OF THE YES. false

Kesha crushed it on the BMA red carpet tonight in a purple Dylan-inspired look that had us even more jazzed about her performance. By the time she finally took the stage, we were full-on freaking out. And guys, she did not disappoint.

Kesha performed a stripped-down, beautiful version of the Bob Dylan classic, It Ain’t Me, Babe, alongside Ben Folds, who sang the duet with her earlier this week. As promised, the performance contained no mention of the Dr. Luke drama. And you know what? It didn’t need to. It was moving and tender in a way that showed Kesha’s heart and had us reaching for the tissues.

Simply put, Kesha was breathtaking. She finished to a much deserved standing ovation. false

BRAVO Kesha! We’re cheering for you, too.

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