Kesha opened up about how her new album saved her life

We’ve been following Kesha’s stressful yet empowering journey for quite some time — and we’re so thrilled that she was able to move forward through music. In fact, Kesha credits her new album for saving her life. While we wish she never had to face the low points she did, we’re so glad that her craft helped remind her how strong, powerful, and important she is.

Kesha appeared on GMA today to promote her album, and according to E! News, it was her first major televised appearance since her public legal battle with producer Dr. Luke. If you haven’t been following along, the singer sued Dr. Luke for multiple offenses, including emotional distress and employment discrimination. Kesha also noted that the producer abused her sexually, physically, and emotionally since they began working together.

In just a few days, Kesha’s first album in five years, titled Rainbow, will be released.

To spread the word, she appeared on the show and talked about what went into making such an important album.

She’s been so moved by her music and the support she’s received that she even shed a few tears. Which, we totally get.

"I feel so much right now, I can't even," she said. "I was backstage, dancing and punching stuff and crying, and like, I'm just so many emotions, all the time right now."

Those emotions are definitely reflected in her new music.

"I've written every song on this album and they're all so personal and [her first single, "Praying"] I think, is just really important because it talks about me, personally, going through something very hard — lots of very hard things, making it through, not giving up and finding empathy on the other side, which is incredibly hard sometimes," she said.

But, the album serves an even greater purpose. In her own words, she believes that creating it helped save her life.

"I think this record has quite literally saved my life," Kesha noted. "And I hope you guys like it and I hope you can hear it and I hope it helps people."

We think it truly will. While we feel so bad that Kesha has been through what she has these past few years, we respect that she spoke out against abuse. We hope that her album helps inspire others. It’s a reminder that — even when everything feels out of control — everyone has the personal strength to get out of dangerous situations. No matter what, support is just around the corner.

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