Kesha has new hair, and it will be your new obsession

Sometimes there’s nothing like a brand new hair color to make you feel better about yourself. It looks like Kesha’s taking that advice to heart, as the singer debuted a gorgeous new hair color this past weekend on her Instagram.

She posted the photo with the caption “can’t sleep. just up all day all night writing. my mind is possessed. I have so much to say right now.” We know she’s been dealing with a rough, emotional legal battle, but we’re glad she took some time to practice self-care.

Kesha’s never been one to shy away from non-traditional hair colors, having experimented with everything from pastel pink to neon green. Her latest hair adventure involves shades of blue that have a very pretty touch of luxury. She kept her grown-out blonde at the base, which then flows into a dip-dyed ombre, starting with a soft pastel shade that turns into a deep ocean blue. And we must say: We now have new #hairgoals.

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