Kesha Put Her Natural Freckles Front and Center in This Gorgeous Bare-Faced Selfie

She's the epitome of a summer princess.

We have major freckle envy. Kesha just uploaded a bare-faced selfie to Instagram yesterday, May 17th, and her freckles are beyond beautiful.

My freckles are throwing a rager, the High Road singer captioned her latest Instagram post. She’s foundation-free and is simply sporting shaped brows and a bit of mascara. The freckles—every single one of them—are au naturale.

Those with a freckled face know that the more sun you get, the more the freckles rage, which probably explains the freckle party currently happening on Kesha’s face. But even in the middle of winter, Kesha’s freckles still come out to play. She’s just one of those blessed fair-skinned people with year-round frecks.

In a December 2020 Instagram post, Kesha went face makeup-free again in a selfie, showing that even in the dead of winter, her freckles continue to rage on. She literally looks sun-kissed all year round and, truthfully, it’s not fair.

But even someone who is blessed with natural freckles partook in the faux freckle trend that’s been popular recently. In early April, Kesha took to Instagram to show off her “new thing…Glitter freckles.” Is that not the perfect Kesha-themed accessory, or what?

Though it would take quite a lot of time to re-create the look of Kesha’s full face of freckles with that makeup guru-approved brown eyeliner trick, it can definitely be done. All you need is a light brown eyeliner or eye shadow, a fine-tipped makeup brush, and patience. It’s all about blurring out the freckles with your fingertip after applying to make the technique look like it’s caused by the sun.

Kesha’s freckles are a summer mood and we’re jealous beyond belief.

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