Kesha leaked emails from Dr. Luke criticizing her weight, and it’s heartbreaking

Kesha recently released emails from Dr. Luke that show the emotional and mental abuse she says she fell victim to while working with him. According to five-year-old emails that were obtained by the New York Post, Dr. Luke sent messages to Kesha’s manager, Monica Cornia, defending his criticism of the singer’s weight.

“We were having a discussion on how she can be more disciplined with her diet. There have been many times we have all witnessed her breaking her diet plan,” he allegedly wrote.

It appears Dr. Luke was upset that she’d broken a juice cleanse with a Diet Coke and turkey.


“A-list songwriters and producers are reluctant to give Kesha their songs because of her weight,” the messages continue.


Kesha has been open about her battle with an eating disorder, and a negative body image. The emails from Cornia detailing Dr. Luke’s criticisms certainly appear to be contributing factors.

In a separate email, Cornia recounts a dispute between Dr. Luke and Kesha over her song “We R Who We R.” The lyrics, written by Dr. Luke, painted Kesha as a party girl. When Kesha objected, Cornia says Luke responded, “I don’t give a shit what you want. If you were smart you would go in and sing it.”

“[Kesha] didn’t feel comfortable talking to him,” Cornia says.


Dr. Luke’s lawyer Christine Lepera has responded to the leaked emails, stating that these are “three out-of-context emails which do not present the full picture regarding the events they concern.”

Kesha’s lawsuit against Dr. Luke is proceeding in court, after a Manhattan judge ruled last year that Kesha couldn’t walk away from her exclusive recording contract.

Whatever happened and will transpire in this case, all we can say is, we’re so eager for these legal troubles to be behind her so she can own her career once again.

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