A lot of people are upset about the Kesha court case update

As of right now, #FreeKesha is the top Twitter trend with 2M tweets and counting.

Why? Because NY Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich just denied Kesha’s request to nullify her recording contract with producer Dr. Luke (aka Lukasz Gottwald), who Kesha maintains abused and raped her. Now, Kesha must involve Dr. Luke and Sony Music if she wants to record new music, which prevents her from escaping her abuser.

Following this ruling, we’re sending nothing but strength to Kesha. And so is the rest of the world.

There are those who want to know why Kesha has to choose between her rapist and her livelihood: 

Many are questioning the United States’ justice system:

Others are understandably angry:

And there are so, SO many who are supporting Kesha during this horrific time:

Some great points:

While Kesha hasn’t yet commented on any of these points, she did tweet out yesterday to thank everyone for their support and to share this beautiful message:

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