Kesha says she’s addicted to buying lamps, and it makes us love her a watt

If there’s one person who’s buying habits we wanted to emulate, it would probably be Kesha. The glittery jackets! The face paint! The rainbow-themed everything! Kesha is a queen among peasants, as evidenced by her Rainbow Tour packing list. And this queen’s favorite tour item happens to be…lamps.

The “Praying” singer told NYLON all about the essential items she brings on each tour, including her current Rainbow Tour. And apparently, she has a bit of a lamp problem. As in, she buys way too many and doesn’t know where to keep them. In a recent incident, one of her tour mates slept on the floor to make room for the lamp. She loves lamp. Gotta appreciate that kind of commitment.

Here’s Kesha’s telling of a recent lamp saga.

"I have a small lamp hoarding problem," she told NYLON. "On almost every tour I happen to find amazing and huge lamps, and then buy them, and then realize there is nowhere to put them. Recently, when I found an amazing lamp in Pittsburgh, the only place to put it was in a bunk which meant that there was nowhere for one of us to sleep. I volunteered to sleep on the floor, but my guitar player, Ted, insisted that he actually wanted to sleep on the floor. This lamp problem happens at least once a tour. I buy a big, wonderful, unnecessarily giant lamp, and then everyone panics."

We have to say, “the lamp problem” seems like a lovely problem to have.

Kesha also swears by some other cool products while on tour, including a talisman given to her by her grandfather.

"I carry one of my grandfather’s medals he wore through the Second World War to keep him safe."

Other must-have tour items include DōTERRA peppermint oils, Hourglass lightweight foundation, a narwhal onesie given to her by a fan, and Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys.

BRB, going to buy all of these items so we can be like Kesha.

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