Kerry Washington just posted a “Scandal” cast photo with a twist, and now we have so many questions

Thank you, Shondaland! The production house just released a premiere date and trailer for the upcoming sixth season of Scandal, and we’re even more excited than what we thought we were. Gladiators across the U.S. will unite around their televisions January 19th to gag over Shondaland’s current presidential election, and Kerry Washington just let us know that there could be a little twist!

The actress and mom’s super cute cast photo, posted on Instagram yesterday, has caused fans to completely lose their minds! A very familiar face of fellow a Shondaland actor — who isn’t apart of the Scandal crew — is dead center, and we’re dying to know what this could mean for season six!

Grey’s Anatomy’s Kevin McKidd, aka Dr. Owen Hunt, is posing happily with the Scandal OG’s! Can we expect a cross over between the two shows?!

In a perfect Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy world, Dr. Hunt could potentially be Olivia Pope’s physician. Or even better — Dr. Hunt could be turning to OPA for some much needed fixing. With all of the drama that’s happening in Grey’s right now, the latter doesn’t sound so far fetched.

Hey, we may be overanalyzing things a bit, but you never know what to expect when it comes to Shondaland writers. Either way, the latest twist to the Scandal cast photo is definitely keeping us on our toes.

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