Kerry Washington has a pretty good theory as to why “Cars” takes place in a world without humans

Cars 3 star Kerry Washington has got some serious opinions on how the Cars world came to be. Truthfully it takes a lot to question Cars. The franchise is adorable, by Pixar, and kids love it. What else could you want? However everyone who has seen the Cars movies has definitely thought about this burning question at some point.

Where are all the people in the Cars universe?

Although we’d love to take a universe where cars are the main life form at face value, one has to wonder. If people invented cars and drive cars, why are there no people? Luckily for us, Kerry Washington is on the case. In an interview with Moviefone she answered the hard-hitting question.

Most of the Cars cast seems to believe that Cars takes place in a world where humans are extinct or otherwise wiped out. Which all we can say is, yikes guys! This is a kids movie! However Washington seems to be on our side in believing that the cars are kind creatures that did not destroy all the humans.

She instead offers the theory that the Cars universe is one that exists parallel to our own.

She theorizes that like humans evolved over time from different life forms, so did the cars. They just did it in a more cellphone, laptop, car progression.

We are super into this cute, kid friendly explanation. We like living in a world where the cars are good creatures, and we’re happy Kerry Washington is on the same page. If you’re looking to catch more Kerry Washington and here amazing talent, check out Cars 3, now in theaters now!

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