Here’s your first look at Kerry Washington channeling Anita Hill

We all know and love Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, but soon she’ll be on the small screen as another Washington icon: Anita Hill. On Monday, Washington gave us our first glimpse of her upcoming HBO film Confirmation. Needless to say, Kerry Washington (who is starring in and producing the film) looks fierce in her role as Hill. Sharing the picture via Instagram, Washington had this to say, “Dear HBO, Thank you for the profound opportunity of getting to inhabit Anita Hill and help tell this story! Yours Truly, K-Dub (aka super excited Exec Producer)”

Confirmation, which currently doesn’t have a premiere date, is the story of Anita Hill, an attorney who challenged the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in 1991. Hill testified before a Congressional committee that Thomas sexually harassed her while she was working as his assistant, launching a three-day investigation and a nationwide debate on workplace misconduct. Although Thomas was confirmed and currently sits on the Supreme Court, Hill’s courage began a crucial conversation and laid the groundwork for today’s anti-sexual harassment laws and policies.

Shown above during her televised testimony, Hill’s story is in the history books, but she fears many may not understand the significance of what happened. In an interview with Jon Stewart, she expressed concern that generations coming after her are still experiencing workplace harassment.

“They see the signs now that say sexual harassment is prohibited, but they don’t know how we got here,” she told him during The Daily Show segment.

But now Confirmation aims to change that, raising new awareness about the groundwork Hill laid for women almost 25 years ago.

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