This pig is NOT Kermit’s new girlfriend—at least, according to Kermit

Long-term on-and-off again celebrity pair, Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, officially broke up earlier this summer. They parted ways on mutual terms, and both appear to be doing fine.  Then the rumor-mill started up, linking Piggy to all sorts of heartthrobs (HELLO Liam Hemsworth) and Kermit to a brand new pig, Denise. Now Kermit’s gone on the record again, to explain that Denise is not his new girlfriend.

Via Twitter, Kermit explained that since his breakup with Piggy, he has been dating again. However, he is not in a relationship as of yet, and he and the lady-pig in question are simply “close friends.”

Denise actually works at Up Late With Miss Piggy (the show-within-a-show that’ll be on The Muppets), as one of the Heads of Marketing. Word on the street is that she and Kermit quickly “hit it off.” Obviously, she’s so his type. So while it appears that Kermit will admit that he and Denise are kinda, sorta dating, he continues to stand by his statement that he doesn’t have a new girlfriend. Sorry, we’re not totally buying it. This frog/pig romance is so on.

A source close to The Muppets talked to People and confirmed that Denise is “always stopping by the set of Up Late,” and that Kermit, “calls her his girlfriend.” Some of this new Kermit-Denise evidence is simply staring us in the face.

However, Kermit stands firm that he and Denise are not officially “a thing” yet, but it appears to be only a matter of time. How will this affect Kermit’s working relationship with Piggy, or can they be adult-frog and adult-pig enough to make everything work on civil terms? What do the other Muppets think of this? And lastly, doesn’t it feel really great to live in a world where we’re very concerned (and obsessed) with Muppet relationships?

(Image via ABC)


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