Kendrick Lamar just made the coolest visit to a high school

Sometimes, when teachers try to be “down with the kids,” it’s downright eye-roll-worthy. But when English teacher Brian Mooney did it, it was inspiration. Brian, a teacher from New Jersey, used Kendrick Lamar’s latest album. To Pimp A Butterfly, as a way to connect his students to their reading list, especially Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye. Both writers speak to identity, and oppression in a world of white supremacy.

Brian documented his teachings in a blog post, and this caught the eye of none other than Kendrick Lamar himself. He was so flattered that he took it upon himself to pay the high school a surprise visit, and he talked to NBC News about the honor of his words being used in a classroom setting:

He says, poignantly, that “the music is not just about me anymore.” Brian couldn’t agree more. Brian also spoke to NBC, saying:

We think every high school should have a Brian, and maybe a Kendrick as well? A girl can dream.

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