Kendrick Lamar just dropped a new video, and it’s already blowing up the internet

Just because you don’t see them on television as much as you did a decade or so ago, it doesn’t mean that music videos are no longer a big deal. Kendrick Lamar just dropped a new video for “Humble,” and it’s already making a huge splash on YouTube. How big of a splash? Well, it’s been up for well under a day, and it already has over three million views.

This is actually the second song that Lamar released this week, which is pretty exciting. It means he’s really been hard at work to create solid tracks. But not only that, this video is chock full of symbolism, making it an interesting watch.

Check it out, and see for yourself. (As a fair warning, the lyrics fall into the “not safe for work” category.)

That’s pretty darn catchy. No wonder it’s currently trending!

Just earlier, Lamar shared another new song called “The Heart Part 4” with his fans, and made it kinda-sorta obvious that new music would follow.

His new album is expected to be released on April 7th. The album is such a big deal that fake track lists have been circulating. We expected more information on that, instead of a brand new song, but regardless, this was definitely a pleasant surprise.

We’re also impressed with how Lamar paired up his lyrics with the visuals in the music video. There’s a lot to catch, including some interesting religious elements and signs of status and growth. Thanks to Lamar, we’ll always remember to “sit down, be humble.”

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