Kendall and Kylie Jenner both look like an edgy Brigitte Bardot in these behind-the-scenes snaps

Get into these super chic, classic lewks we stumbled upon: Kendall and Kylie Jenner looking like edgy Brigitte Bardots in these behind-the-scenes photos that put a fashionable twist on the TBT social media theme of the day.

Channeling the French actress, singer, model, and fashion icon, the Jenner sisters posed in a series of retro-inspired shots, complete with bouffant hair and the perfect cat eye makeup, adding to the list of Hollywood stars like Diane Kruger and Sienna Miller, and several more our faves, who have recently spruced their looks up with a modernized spin on Bardot’s style.

In the first Bardot-esque snapshot, Kendall can be seen lounging in a cropped white tee over a super cute, trendy gingham bikini that we will gladly take in every single color.

Undeniably fab.

We took the liberty of finding some photos of Bardot to emphasize just how well the Jenner sisters nailed the look. From the head tilt to the signature updo and the subtle come-hither glance, Kendall totally embodies Bardot’s style.

In another Bardot-inspired look, Kendall models a ruffled white blouse and leopard underwear along with the signature ’60s bouffant.

Love it! Clearly, she’s got Bardot’s posing down pat.

In a third and final shot, Kendall’s sister Kylie joins her, as the pair poses in colorful, slinky robes. The pair serves plenty of face à la Bardot, and we are totally feeling it.

Thanks to Kendall and Kylie, Brigitte’s casually charming robe shots are officially in good company.

Not only are these pics absolutely stunning, they’re proof that the Jenner sisters learned from the best.