Kendall Jenner’s makeup-free selfie is gorgeous

Most people with freckles have a love-hate relationship with them, myself included. Freckles go in and out of fashion as seasons come and go. Some years they’re totally in (and are even available in makeup form, a la this Freckle Pencil from TopShop) and some years everyone wants perfectly clear, never-seen-the-sun skin.

That push-and-pull is why we are SO glad that Kendall posted this beautiful #nomakeupselfie of her face in all its freckled glory! Check out the pic:

Adorable, right?? Remember when she used to rock freckles all the time, back in the Season 1 days of Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

We haven’t seen Kendall’s freckles in a while, now that she’s often made up for high-fashion shoots and glam parties. When she was younger, they were  always out and proud on display.

Now that she’s a little older, she often uses her face as a canvas to try new looks, change her vibe, or set off the amazeballs clothes she gets to wear as a successful model.  Kendall looks gorge no matter what she puts on or doesn’t put on her face. Using makeup doesn’t make Kendall any less real; it’s all a part of her personal expression as a young woman, and there are no value judgments associated with using foundation or not.

It is fun to see that cute lil’ sprinkle of freckles, though! Color us happy that Kendall is showing off her face in all its glory, in all the varied looks she rocks.

And don’t forget that those of us with freckles are more prone to skin damage from the sun! So even when you want to wear those freckles makeup-free as the coolest face accessory you got, make sure to layer up with some good SPF.

(Images from here, here, and here.)

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