Love Kendall Jenner’s 21st birthday dress but don’t have a spare $9K? Kendall’s got you

As you probably know by now, Kendall Jenner wore the most ~amazing~ dress at her 21st birthday party the other day — so amazing, in fact, that it looked like the one that Paris Hilton had worn years earlier, reported People. Of course, aside from the super sparkly and dazzling dress, Jenner’s party in L.A. included all-around fun, like a MirMir photo booth.

But let’s take a look at ~the~ dress(es).

If the look works, why not try it for yourself, right?!

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And Jenner knew she was imitating Hilton’s dress. She not only mentioned it on Insta, but had also given designer Antoine Salameh, of LaBourjoisie, a few reference images as inspiration for the ‘20s look she wanted.

But the retail price of the dress? Just $9,000 (!).

So how do we get one for ourselves if we’re, say, 8,900-some dollars short?!

Well, thanks to Kendall’s website, we now know where to get a lookalike dress, as Teen Vogue reported. And it’s none other than this one.

Silver Lame Cowl Neck Dress, Miss Selfridge, $61.00


Woo-hoo! And sixty-one dollars is a lot (read: ton) better than $9,000, amirite?!

Thanks for tipping us off, Kendall. (And our bank accounts thank you, too.)

You can check out Kendall’s website for even more on her wardrobe and where to find cheaper lookalikes. We def know what we’ll be doing this weekend.

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