Kendall Jenner wore this chunky oversized knit sweater to the club, because she’s a hero

Sometimes you’re in the mood to get gussied up; to take an hour on your makeup and start outfit-planning a week in advance for a special event. Then there are those moments when you’re knee-deep in Netflix and your bestie texts: “we’re going out.” Hence Kendall Jenner’s chunky oversized white knit sweater that she wore to the club with no shame in her game. Yas, girl! The point of going out is to have fun, and if you can do it in a giant sweater, in overalls, wrapped in a Snuggie; who cares? The bouncer may have something to say if it’s one of those clubs, but that’s where being a Jenner probably does most of the heavy lifting. Let’s just say this: Kendall’s always on the list. She probably doesn’t even know there is one.

Who got down tonight but also stayed snuggly warm and didn’t have to deal with coat check? Kendall Jenner, the hero of the evening.

The it-girl threw on this warm knit and called herself club-ready. Sure, she’s got her enviable legs out and ready to party, but up top it’s all snuggly. And that hood!

Them pom-poms tho! WE LOVE.

And hold up  — is that a two-tooth grill?

The Jenners can do whatever they want, we’ve learned, so why not test the boundaries of what could be considered club gear?

This is sexy clubwear at its finest. To be honest, that open knit is sorta scandalous in its own way. Could the chunky knit be transitioning out of classic winter staple to springtime chic? Kendall would be the one to decide.

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