No one can recognize Kendall Jenner on this “V Magazine” cover

Kendall Jenner and her sisters have a look: Contour to the gawds, overlined lips, a subtle smoky eye, and a strong brow. Even when Jenner is on a modeling job, she’s still very on-brand, and still very Kardashian. However, her latest photoshoot for V Magazine brought out such a different side of the model that nobody recognized her…at first.

Jenner completely transformed into a vaudeville star one moment and a fragile, colorful bird in the next. The model rocks a very ’20s-inspired hair and makeup vibe here, though the makeup artist for the shoot, Lisa Houghton, said the inspiration was a “gothic china doll.” A huge reason why Jenner’s so unrecognizable here are the eyebrows. We’re guessing Houghton used spirit gum (what prosthetic artists use) to cover Jenner’s natural brows and in their place, she drew those long thin brows that arch across nearly her entire forehead. It’s bananas how much a new brow can change your face shape.

“[Kendall Jenner] shows a whole different side of herself in Spring’s eccentric, boundary-pushing looks and exaggerated silhouettes,” V Magazine wrote in a tweet.

In this other one, she looks like an exotic bird.

Yes, those are thigh-high money heels.

To prove just how ~unrecognizeable~ Jenner has become, here she was on Sunday, January 7th at the 2018 Golden Globes looking like her regular self.

The model is transforming into quite the on-camera chameleon. You can see more of Jenner’s photo shoot at V Magazine online.

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