Kendall Jenner’s sparkly silver birthday dress is a disco dream

The idea that the Kardashian ladies are style gurus is nothing new, and to prove it, People just let us know that Kendall Jenner stunned in a tiny sparkly birthday dress for her 21st b-day this year. Full disclosure: The dress was worth a whopping $9,000! We know what you’re thinking: Whaaaaat?!

Even though the dress is more expensive than literally anything we’ve ever owned in our entire lives, we can’t say we’re surprised. History has shown that the Jenners go BIG on special occasions (remember when Kylie Jenner celebrated her birthday on a tropical island, and their photos basically looked like heaven?). And we have to admit, the dress from LaBourjoisie — designed by Antoine Salameh — was jaw-dropping, to say the least.

If there’s anyone who could pull off such sneaky sexy number, it’s Kendall.

You’ve also got to watch this video (listen to Khloe freaking out in the background. Lol).

Apparently this designer has worked with a lot of celebs including Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, and for this particular dress he was given a 1920s reference from Jenner. Talking to WWD about the details of her party dress, Salameh said:

"... we wanted to give her a modern take on it; like Kendall, the dress is timeless and chic. She sent over reference images and I took it from there. It’s young, sexy and fun."

And by the looks of things, Jenner was having crazy fun!

Here she busts some (chill) moves.

Damn, girl. You definitely know how to make a statement!

Happiest of birthdays to you. Gonna go find something sparkly to crush this day in style.

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