Kendall Jenner wore shorts that are attached to her shirt and ankles (??), and we have all of the questions

Always one to stay ahead of the sartorial curve, Kendall Jenner wore denim cutoffs with the ankles still attached and we’re…like, genuinely not sure what to make of this. It also appears that her shirt is attached to her denim cutoffs, so really we think she’s wearing what must be the MOST unique romper we’ve ever seen. We have so many questions, not the least of which is how she didn’t ruin the attached ankles the moment she put them on. We can barely wear a pair of distressed jeans without accidentally kicking our foot through the knee, so this is seriously impressive.

Behold, what is either the most fashion forward or fashion backward romper we have ever seen, ever.


Please take a moment to tear your eyes away from figuring out how on earth the shirt is connected, or IF it’s connected and not just tucked in so deeply that it came out the leg of her shorts, to behold these attached ankles. Because, wow.


We genuinely don’t know how we feel about this look. It’s just so different from anything we’ve ever seen before. We have to give Kendall props, if nothing else, for wearing something so unique.


If nothing else, we are DEFINITELY super into her unique aviator sunglasses and killer white sneakers.

While, again, we legitimately don’t think we could make it out of our homes without immediately ripping the lining connecting the ankle cuffs to the cutoffs, we admire that Kendall Jenner is so ready to step outside of — let’s be real — most people’s comfort zones.

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