What’s up with Kendall Jenner’s cryptic new Instagram account? We have SO MANY questions

Last week, without any fanfare, Kendall Jenner launched a secret Instagram account called @pizzaboys. She didn’t delete her actual Instagram, but simply added this cryptic new handle. The new account appeared online on March 29th, 2018 and currently only features three images: two that say “coming” and “soon” and a third of her and Kylie Jenner posing in a pool as if it were a swimwear collection ad, except they are holding pizza. The bio simply reads “in crust we trust.” We assume this is Kendall’s project because she linked to the pizza account from her personal IG in an Insta-story. That being said, we still have the following questions?

What is Pizzaboys?

Is it her Finsta? No, because then why isn’t it set to private?

Is it her new DJ handle? Could honestly be.

Is it another merch/clothing line like Kimoji? Likely.

Is it pizza-inspired makeup palettes?

Is it a contour kit?

Is it a lip kit?

Is it a pizza delivery service?

Is it just…pizza?

The only clue we have is that the Pizzaboys is a “DJ/Friend group” that Kendall belongs to. Back in August 2017, Kendall explained to Elle why she once covered her nipples in a photo with pizza emojis.

"As far as the pizza emojis go, when I decided to Instagram the picture, I could've covered my nipples with anything, but I chose them as a little nod to Pizza Boys (the DJ/friend group I'm part of)," Kendall said at the time.

Can a Gen Z’er explain what a “DJ/friend group” is? Because like…what?


The internet is clearly as mystified as we are.

Listen, it’s probably just iPhone cases with pizzas on them. Carry on, Kendall. Carry on.

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