Kendall Jenner now has purple hair — and she looks so cool

The Kardashians have been all about those grand Snapchat reveals lately, so it’s no wonder that Kendall Jenner turned to the app when it was time to drop her own little surprise.

A few days ago, while on a top secret photoshoot with famed photographer Patrick Demarchelier, Kendall whipped out her phone to snap some fierce selfies, showing off her whole new look in the process.

Unlike lil sis Kylie, who’s been known to cycle through all the colors of the rainbow, Kendall usually keeps it pretty simple with her straight, dark locks. And as gorgeous as her hair is naturally, we’re kind of obsessed with this peek of purple.

The lavender shade adds a fun, lightness to her look that we love… and it looks like Kendall’s loving it, too! Unlike her last foray into new shades —of which even she was not a huge fan.

Demarchelier seems to also dig the ‘do, which hopefully means he got some inspired shots for whatever super sneaky project they’re working on.

Kendall’s flirted a little with other hues — she’s rocked pink on two past shoots — but the color never lasted long. Here’s hoping the lilac will fare a little better. Give the people what they want, Kendall!